Are you starving by 5pm?  Do you snack while making dinner? If yes, then this usually means your afternoon didn’t have enough protein during the day! Or, maybe even enough food and/or balanced macronutrients – the adequate combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

 I talk a lot about balancing macronutrients in all snacks and meals, but it is easier said than done.  Getting enough protein at snack time can be tricky.  Not only are a lot of protein sources not very portable but they can also not be palatable when served at room temperature (hello – cold boiled eggs and leftover salmon? No thanks!)

So, I have done some digging and came up with a rockstar list of protein-packed, quick, and easy snack ideas that you can use during the week when moving from meeting to meeting, or on the weekend, when out, and about. Whatever your preference, there is something here for you. 

It seems that getting carbs in the day is an easy task because every coffee shop and food place is bursting with grain options, but when it comes to proteins, the choices are lacking.  And the thing is, ensuring adequate protein intake during the day is crucial to managing hunger and satiety cues and is one very important factor when you are trying to manage your daily hunger and stave off cravings at the end of the day.    

So, what can you do? I’ll tell you.

As well, protein helps your body build and repair muscles, bones and help balance your hormones.  It is important for weight management as well as boosting hormone balance which plays a strong role in fertility health. 

Pairing proteins with adequate fruit and/or vegetables is important.  And these can be a lot easier to throw in your bag or grab at the counter, than getting a healthy dose of protein that is quick, ready to eat, and delicious.   The reason this is so tricky is that a lot of high protein options come with pro-inflammatory ingredients like saturated fats and/or higher sodium. 

When you get hungry and haven’t had time to pack a well-balanced snack, keep this list handy!  I have spent a lot of time browsing through the snack recipe aisle and came up with a concise list of high protein, healthy snack ideas. The list is divided into 2 sections, a plant-based section, and an animal-based section.  Again, I didn’t include anything that I determined was a pro-inflammatory product so we can stay aligned with our goal of anti-inflammatory, health-promoting, fertility-boosting snacks options!

8 Plant-Based Protein Snacks (per 100g)

Greek Vegan Yogurt Parfait : 4g

Dry roasted nuts: 20+

Pumpkin seeds: 25+g

Trail mix : 14g

Roasted edamame beans: 47g

Popcorn: 11g

Dried Seaweed: 15+g

“KIND” bar: 8+g

8 Animal-Based Protein Snacks

Egg-bites: 19g 

English muffin with egg and cheese sandwich: 14g

Grilled chicken wraps: 24g+

Yogurt parfait: 8g+

Egg and cheese box : 24g+

Cheese and fruit box: 20g

Spinach, feta and egg white wrap: 19g

“Strawberry Storm” (Booster Juice): 23g


Wherever you are, be sure you check out the nutrition facts label and be sure those protein levels are above 5g per serving.  Test out how you feel afterward to determine if the snack was adequate enough

If you need help navigating your days, I offer nutrition programs that include 1:1 consultations, meal plans (if desired) and ongoing support and education.   

If you are looking for more support or have any questions regarding your fertility concerns, feel free to reach out to me via my contact information or DM me through my Instagram feed @Liveandlovenutrition.  I’m here to help. 

Have a great day!


“May there always be colours on your plate and joy at your table!”

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