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About Me

I am Teresa Maiorano, a Registered Dietitian (RD) that loves to cook, plan, support and empower those around me.  My guiding philosophy is to connect your food decisions with your confidence to help you to a long-term healthy lifestyle. We’re here for a good time and hopefully a long time so Live and Love Nutrition is here to empower you in making and enjoying your healthy lifestyle choices. Fact-based information with recipes to match, meal planning guidelines, personalized nutrition and motivation, are all ways to get started. 

Have you recently been diagnosed with a condition and now are not sure what to do? Are you trying to conceive or are currently pregnant and trying to decide what to eat? Are you a busy Mom – ‘nuff said?  If this sounds familiar, you have come to the right place.

I started cooking with my Mom as early as I could remember and hosting my cousins and extended family on weekends always brought me joy. We cooked everything from homemade pasta to cherry cheesecake (my sister’s favourite!).  Today, I am head over heels in love with entertaining, cooking and talking all things nutrition.

My Dad is always asking about what he can eat to make his heart better, keep his energy up (he often bikes 50-100km) or help him get off his medications. I am always looking to newest research to provide support and guidance to reach your goals, whether that is weight loss, blood sugar control or infertility, I am here to help you. 

This blog will be made of beautiful and delicious healthy recipes, fact-based nutrition information and general mood building, confidence building and motivation! Let’s begin.

The Education Stuff
• Registered Dietitian (RD) for 10+ years
• BASc Degree Ryerson University in Nutrition and Food
• BSc Degree University of Guelph, Food Science
• Certification in Fertility Nutrition from Monash University
• Certification in Nutrigenomics
• Certification in Medical Nutrition Therapy
The Experience Stuff
• 10+ years working as an RD in various roles including:

• Consultant RD at Ryerson University
• Clinical Registered Dietitian in Long Term Care
• Clinical Registered Dietitian at Tripod Fertility
• Private Practice Registered Dietitian
The Life Stuff
• Recipe developer
• Home cook
• Celebrated host
• Fitness enthusiast
• Parent volunteer
• Doggy Mommy
• Mom of 2 energetic, chatty kids
• Wife, sister, girlfriend, daughter

What is the Live and Love Community?

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My Favourite Recipes

Some of my favourites that I think you and your family will love
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